Golden Hills Sweet Whispering Jessie

In additions to being fluffy and lovable, recent research into Jessie's bloodlines has found 65 different champions on her maternal side and 97 champions on her father's side. This is just in 7 generations. No wonder she has such great pups!
Rascal's Gold Rush

Built like a lion, but as gentle as a lamb, Rascal is the man of the house.  Rascal is also  the snow baby .Preferring to wrestle more than have his picture taken.
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Nathan's Jellybean
(figure that one out)

We always knew she was beautiful in her elegant red coat, but Emily has proven to be a dedicated and loving mother as well.  Emily has over 100 champions in her pedigree.
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Meet the Family
Golden Hills Bella's Cinnamon Sunshine.

Bella is Jessie's daughter.  She has lovely golden pups with mellow personalities

Rex's Beau-Regard

​ one of our newer members, Rex is full of fun - frisbee is his favorite sport.
DNA testing results available by request